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I-Com Software specializes in providing sophisticated web-based and PDA/Smartphone software solutions. Our array of services vary and include outsourcing and off-shoring services, project-based software development, system analysis, customized software applications, addition of new modules to existing software and software renewal, database management, database expert services, e-commerce sites, advanced intranet and internet sites, WAP and PDA applications, advanced reporting, statistics and much more.

I-Com Software offers unique and powerful web-based software products in various fields, including: Diamond Industry Applications, Medical CRM, Telemarketing CRM, and Data Streaming. Our expertise in these specific areas combined with our extensive experience in developing and implementing innumerable projects in these fields provide our customers with unparalleled added value.

I-Com Software offers the highest level of experienced professionals in system analysis, software development (PHP and other languages), software architecture, DBA, art directors, and QA. All I-Com employees undergo an extensive and thorough evaluation, in order to ensure the highest level of professionalism.

I-Com Software's diverse capabilities allow every customer to choose from a large variety of technologies, expertise level, involvement and project scale that meet their exact needs. Our services can augment existing software development capabilities or can allow customers their own comprehensive development teams.