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I-Com Software Ltd. presents a cutting-edge, web-based, user-friendly yet professional, time management software product: the Online Punch Clock (OPC).

The OPC software provides a web-based tool for monitoring the business's everyday activities. This easy-to-use software allows managers to view time-management data online and to monitor their business continuously. OPC is an essential application suitable for any company, firm, factory or institute. Each employee can easily log-on and commence working, whether if they are in the office or working at a customer's site. There is easy access from anywhere.

OPCOPC, being a comprehensive web-based "punch clock", provides attendance and absence records, time-management of projects, worked-hours reports, and an online messaging system. Using this software, the manager will gain a powerful and precise picture of time allocation at the business. OPC will improve the business's efficiency as well as allow the manager to plan ahead his activities based on results analysis and reporting. OPC, with a few mouse clicks, gives an accurate status report of projects and business activities along with a detailed and reliable picture of employees' activities in any resolution desired.

The OPC software requires virtually no configuration and is installed seamlessly on all Microsoft platforms.