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e-Rep is a unique and sophisticated web-based Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software application, specially designed for the use of medical companies' representatives and for their manager/s.

e-Rep provides the medical representatives with a powerful, convenient, and effective tool for planning, organizing, operating and managing activities both with existing and with potential customers.

e-RepThe system features the largest database of medical service-providers available in Israel. This medical database is comprised of all the information required for locating doctors, pharmacists, medical institutions and all supplementary resources that are necessary for medical representatives' activities. In addition, the database can be segmented by various parameters, geographical regions, types of specialties, etc. This "live" database is continuously updated by a team of data collection professionals responsible for this task.

The system empowers the effectiveness of all work levels, from the individual employee (rep) to the team (group) level, to the corporate level managers. Accessibility to information is on-going, and is enabled either by authorization through the internet or by portable units such as PDA or portable computers/laptops.
Managers are provided with a wide selection of reports and intersectional analyses that facilitate effective work planning and workforce allocation.

The system is individually customized to the specific demands and needs of each customer, so that it can address the specific and exclusive needs that characterize each and every organization.